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Our Firm



I. An Overview

II. Service Philosophy

III. Services Available to Our Clientèle

  1. General Accounting Services
  2. Compilation and Review Services
  3. General Tax Services
  4. Specialized Tax Services
  5. Litigation Support Services
  6. Business Valuations
  7. Expert Testimony
  8. Forensic Accounting
  9. Management Advisory Services
  10. Computer Technology

IV. Professional Accomplishments of the Firm and Professional Organizations

V. Qualifications of Firm Members

I. An Overview

William J. Keephart, Certified Public Accountants, a Professional Association, is about the most progressive Certified Public Accounting Firms in the Mercer County area. We are cognizant of the problems facing the small to medium-size business. Our experience and involvement with business establishments have enabled us to garner the knowledge required to work closely with company management and to contribute meaningful suggestions to their Board of Directors and/or owners.

The diversification of our experience includes the following business areas from which the majority of our clientele is composed:

  1. Self-Employed Professionals (Consultants, Computer Software Professionals)
  2. General Construction Contractors Trade Contractors
  3. Office Buildings and Garden Apartment Complexes
  4. Retail Restaurant Establishments
  5. Retail Wine Liquor Establishments
  6. Retail Jewelry Stores
  7. Franchised Operations - Retail and Wholesale
  8. Start Up Companies
  9. Manufacturing Operations
  10. Recreational Facilities, Swim Clubs, Health Clubs and Marinas
  11. Hotels and Motels
  12. Shopping Centers and Malls
  13. Insurance and Real Estate Brokerage
  14. Physicians, Dentists, Chiropractors; and Medical Groups
  15. Charitable Organizations and Other Non-Profit Organizations
  16. Printing and Publishing Companies
  17. Matrimonial Litigation Support

Our offices are located at 2281 Brunswick Pike, on Business Route 1, in Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648. Approximately 2½ miles south of Interstate 95; and 1/10 mile south of the Lawrenceville Shopping Center (Right side of Rt. One).

II. Service Philosophy

Our philosophy of personalized service means that regardless of size each client receives the individual personalized attention, which has built the reputation associated with our firm. The services we perform would be under the personal supervision of William Keephart and/or Supervisors. A full time staff of competent staff accounts and support personnel ensures quality service in a timely and professional manner.

III. Services Available to Our Clientèle

  1. General Accounting Services:
  2. Our general accounting services encompass a wide range of activities. We custom design our services to fit the unique needs of each client.

  3. Compilation and Review Services:
  4. These services are generally rendered in conjunction with our general accounting services on a periodic basis.

  5. General Tax Services:
  6. Our firm has over 30 years of experience in the preparation of the variety of Federal and State tax returns, which are required of individuals and businesses today.

  7. Specialized Tax Services:
  8. One of our principal objectives encompassing our tax services is constructive and creative tax planning.

    Our firm is experienced in the following specialized tax areas:

    • Representation in Federal and/or State tax examinations.
    • Representation in Federal and/or State Tax Appeals.
    • Preparation of Federal Estate Tax and State Inheritance tax returns.
    • Advice and implementation of plans involving tax-free exchanges, reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions and sales of businesses.
    • Special valuations of closely held businesses for Federal Estate and Gift Tax purposes.
    • Sophisticated estate planning, including preparation of Federal Estate and Fiduciary Income Tax Returns.

  9. Litigation Support Services:
  10. Extensive experience in all aspects of litigation support services, including matrimonial disputes, business valuations, valuation of closely-held businesses and professional practices, shareholder disputes, Forensic accounting and expert testimony in court.

  11. Management Advisory Services:
  12. Experienced consultants in the area of management advisory services are full time staff members of the firm. We have the depth of knowledge necessary to serve clients in a wide range of functional areas. Our goal is to help clients solve their management problems. The scope of a consulting engagement is determined in large measure by the clients and depends partially on the extent of participation by the client's personnel.

  13. Computer Technology:
  14. Sophisticated mathematical techniques have been used to help solve financial and business problems. Our accounting, tax and management advisory services personnel are able to apply these techniques for the benefit of clients by interfacing client data with our in-house computer system. This system enhances our ability to serve the accounting and financial needs of our clients through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

IV. Professional Accomplishments of the Firm and Professional Organizations

William Keephart has lectured for the American College - Solomon S Huebner School of CLU Studies in the area of federal taxation, presented programs to various civic and business societies and has been a frequent guest on various radio and TV talk programs. He has served as District Treasurer for Rotary International.

We are members of the following professional organizations:

  • Matrimonial Accounting Committee with the New Jersey Society of CPA's.
  • Two Tax Committees with the New Jersey Society of CPA's
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants

V. Qualifications of Firm Members

The following list comprises the professional members of the firm, their professional licenses and position with the firm:


William J. Keephart

Michael R. Corish

J. William Nichols

Joseph J. Barelkowski




Senior Staff Accountant


Tax Manager


Senior Staff Accountant


Our firm is committed to a continuing education program for its staff members. A minimum of 40 hours per year is required of each staff member in various areas of accounting and taxation.


William J. Keephart, CPA, P.A. recognizes that its most important product is prompt and efficient service of the highest quality. All our efforts are direct towards achieving that goal. We believe we can provide the technical and financial resources of a large accounting firm, retain the flexibility and responsiveness of a middle-sized firm and the tailored, personalized service of a small firm.